Snakes (Spoken Word)


This piece is also featured on my previous mixtape, if you will like to listen you can download for free in the link. Words of Fury


Snakes are a very venomous creature 

They can quickly reach you

They slither around and you never see them coming

In this day I gotta say I hate snakes

Turn your back on them and cops going to be zipping you up like a bape 

They everywhere, there is no escape 

They right there every step of the way eating off your plate

You can’t locked them out with a gate

Because you never know which one is a snake

See they in disguise 

They come at you by surprise 

They be ready to wet you up like you getting baptized 

Once they strike you will be amazed

In 2017 they call you bro, best friend and even bae

See your bae will have you tripping, getting you to buy bundles so she can slay

You think she with you all the way

You let her know where you stay

And just like a snake she put you out like a blunt on the ashtray

Then you got your best friend 

The one you can depend on

All along they can be plotting to take your money like a college tuition 

Even though you would have gave it to them with your permission 

Then you got your mans, or just your bro, this one really takes the ribbon 

You think you can eat with them

You two start eating together 

Cause you know that’s your brother

Get this money together 

See it’s one thing in us and we all get it sometimes it’s called greedy

We feel like we more needy

Your bro starts to get greedy

They wait to you start sleeping on them

While all along you Just balling like Shawn Kemp

When you least expect it they smoke you like a blunt

Now I’m not going to front

It may not be like that but it’ll be similar to those stunts

Without a doubt 

You going to run into some

The point of this is to never trust anyone 

Or you will be facing the consequence 

Life is intense 

You Just got to stay on defense 

Don’t let them get to you

Watch out for the snakes

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