Weekly Thoughts #2


This week has been reasonably good. A breakthrough week I might add. My ep is almost done, just adding a few tweaks here and there. Funny thing about this project I did a lot of singing or harmonizing. It’s not even like I can sing like Bruno Mars or something. I sing like icejjfish. When I was creating these pieces, I feel like I was vibing to the beats and it just happened. Also, I have been moving toward throwing a story on this project to show my versatility a little bit. I challenge myself with this one to be personal only, just because I have never done something personal before. The Rise barely had a theme to it at all. New Breed showcased how different I was from the others. The Storm was more political or just me making a point. Words of fury was kind of just thrown together. So poetic gift I want this to be about me and my gift.
I have been thinking about my life, even more, this week it’s just that I feel like there’s specific stuff you can’t say to people, especially your kids. Like I know it’s unhealthy for me to keep thinking about this stuff but things bother me. Like whoever said words don’t hurt is a liar. Words last just because of memories. They stick to you no matter how much you try to escape the people who said it. It always seems to find a way back into your mind. I sometimes wish I would have got beat up instead because at least those bruises would have been healed by now. I know I can’t rewrite my past but I have to write in my future. That’s a lesson I have been trying to get through my head lately.
Other than that I’m so close to my weight goal its crazy. I can feel the fabrics hitting my body. The burden being lifted off my shoulders. The constant happiness every time I wake up. I’m almost there and I will not let anything stop me from achieving that. That’s all I have for this week. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @k.exum and leave comments below.

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