Weekly Thoughts #1


This week has been another down week for me with a couple of light spots. I have been doing a lot of thinking about where my life is going. Job wise and also just my happiness. Sometimes I want to know what it’s like to be happy. It sounds depressing, but I want to be truly satisfied. Like genuine happiness, where I smile once in a while.
On the upside I have been focused on putting the finishing touches on this Ep. My fear for this project is for the pieces to be either too emotional or too similar. I have two pieces that are not sitting too well. I love both of them, but I also feel like they are about the same events. I haven’t released a spoken word mixtape in, but I don’t want to put out something I’m not genuinely in love with.
The only real bright spot is that I’m only 10 pounds away from my weight goal. I have been on this journey for way too long. I have been messing up a lot on this opportunity for some time now. I guess something finally clicked in this head. Now I’m just dialed in more. The craziest thing is seeing those numbers on the scale reverse. I’m so used to seeing those numbers go up that when it goes backward, I can’t help but feel some relief. But that’s all I got for this week. My new single Never Change is out on every digital music store. Just type “K. Exum,” and it will show. Thank you for reading my Weekly Thought’s.

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