Trapped 2: My View (Spoken Word)


Trapped 2: My View
Last time I did this I tried to go from tray perspective
But I don’t know what he was thinking
Just like preachers don’t know what god’s thinking
In America I feel like I’m sinking
I’m scared to even start blinking
The world needs some uplifting
The system keep twisting
I’m trapped
I can see the coffin
Scared of getting wet up like a dolphin
Cops and gangbangers keep battling
Got my brain rattling
Everyone scrambling
Ducking for cover
But where do you go when half the country hates you
Cops look at you like another delinquent
This happens so frequent
Cops kill you and say you were resisting
Things getting so bad black people are quitting
Clearly black celebrities coming out saying they white
How do I deal with all the hype
I wonder is this really life
I used to dream about one day having a wife
It don’t even feel like I will make it that far in life
Shit looking fierce
I still got to watch out for people stealing
More people dying over drug dealing
The economy not doing nothing but watching
Donald Trump keep on rising
The government continue to poison the country
White privilege finally hits the light
Bodies continue to drop
Trapped in this country like a mousetrap
Everywhere I go it’s like a deathtrap
I’m so Trapped

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