Shots (Spoken Word)


This piece has been in my vault for a long time. I wrote this around the time when Philando Castile and Alton Sterling past. It was really to showcase my thoughts on their situations and also other cases like this. I always loved to read this but as far as recording a spoken word song I just never brought myself to do it. I guess this is finally the release of shots.
In the last few months it’s been double trouble
This is not to burst your bubble
I just can’t settle
No more peace we need to battle
It’s just how do you know the man background when you see him
I just don’t understand miss Lauren
Alton didn’t get shot for selling Cd’s
He got shot because of his skin
Do you know what that feel like
No then sit tight
Everyone in the world just trying to make things right
He didn’t deserve to get killed like Ricky with that 12 guage
Not for that small wage
He could have got tazed
Or just mast
Or turned around and got cuffed
I’m tired of keeping peace
It’s time to start speaking
Stop these people from bleeding
Keep these cops from creeping
They passing shots around like rondo
They popped Philando
They shooting more than Orlando
They bussing so much they looking like Rambo
This is no joke
They talk about blacks killing blacks
The only difference is we go to jail
You get to go home
Burry another man with no conviction
The cops has no restriction
We get popped because of our description
This man got shot for reaching for his ID
Left him crying loudly
And these cops taking up for other cops so proudly
Tomi wants to know what rights we don’t have
To be honest we have them all
They just are not respected
It’s neglected
And it leaves us infected
Terence just got shot for what
I don’t get it
You are suppose to serve and protect
But all you do is show disrespect
Another just got shot for reading a book in his car
They say he had a gun
They still haven’t found a gun
Gave him paid leave
These cops are full of grieve
I’m tired of the people feeling like they not accepted
We need to take charge before another body is collected
Or before Donald Trump is elected
They passing laws to keep the cops protected
But we still not protected
Fuck a blue alert
It’s time to take action I don’t do this because it’s my passion
I do this to protect the kids
These cops make me sick
We are black people
And we just want to be equal
We are tired of this same old sequel
We are tired of being unequal
I’m tired of seeing people get shot by these weasels

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