Self Confidence (Spoken Word)


Self Confidence-
Let me tell a story about a girl
She’s tired of waking up to put on a bunch of make up
Feeling like life sucks
When she look back she don’t see a lot of butt
When she feel on her Chest she don’t feel like it’s enough
Just trying to impress the next man
She wants to be the women in the video getting romance
Instead she feel like she doesn’t have a chance
So many women in the world feel like they’re not enough
Then they got resort to make up
And all the butt shots
Because they want to feel hot
Don’t want to hit the gym and work on squats
They want it now getting more and more shots
Just to feel beautiful
Some people won’t accept you
Don’t mean it’s something wrong with you
It’s really them
Sometimes you have to have self confidence
I mean look at me, I’m a big guy
Sometimes I feel dry
I look at life and want to say goodbye
But you have to change the game
Not you
If you do anything in life it’s because you wanted to
My life is nowhere near perfect
I sometimes want to hit reset
I’m big and people judge
But that don’t change me and it shouldn’t change you
When you look in the mirror tell yourself you’re pretty
All the other people in the world is not your reason for change
You change the game
Sometimes you have to have self confidence
You are enough
You are more than enough
When you wake up in the morning look at the mirror and say you pretty
If they don’t think so forget them you are pretty on the inside and out
You are pretty, you are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are bad and don’t let nobody tell you different
You are what you believe yourself to be
It’s K. Exum

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