Remember Me (Spoken Word)


Remember Me:
My friend hit me like why you keep talking about the government
Maybe because this country needs some reinforcement
A strong involvement
It needs someone to do some improvements
Or maybe because I’m tired of being bullied
People get killed for wearing a hoody
Not guilty
This country is filthy
I just want us to be free like free willy
Everyone is so silly
Steady sitting back and watching
While I’m speaking for the world
I’m tired of hearing racist pricks like Tomi and Donald
The system is so cripple
It was built to keep the white man up
And the black man down
I use to do this to get the spoken word crown
Now I do it to shut down these racist clowns
I’m different from my generation who is only worried about smoking on pounds
I’m all about losing pounds
And Stopping crimes
I know I’m going to keep speaking till the end
Until my skin gets me killed
Or God call me home
Until then I’m going to keep rocking foams
Remember me as that pretty fat boy
That didn’t fall for the government toys
Remember me as the guy that was speaking like MLK at eighteen
The guy who had his eyes open to society since sixteen
Remember me as the guy who went out making history
Remember me as the guy who made you feel shock waves
I’m going to do this till I see my grave
I know I’m saved
When I go I hope you continue to listen to me speak
I hope I make it to see this track leak
When I go I just want the world to remember K. Exum

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