New Breed (Spoken Word)


I wrote this piece to tell myself and everyone else that I was different from other artists in this lane. I guess back then I was trying so hard to compete with others. But now I’m only competing with myself.
New Breed:
I am a New Breed
I come from a different species where we take lead
We never plead
I go through life like a stampede
I do this at a high speed
I live by my own creed
Everyday I let my pen bleed
Repeat after me I have no fatigue
I never accept defeat
I always stay on top like God
Just me and my squad
I don’t know if you forgot
But it’s all about being at the top
I make each rhyme pop like the cops
My mind is like a firebox
I stay releasing heat
Never discreet
I’m a new breed because I’m not the average human being
I strive to be the best-spoken word artist breathing
With me there is no competing
I’m always beating
I’m me and you will never understand
It may be a Scorpio thing
But I’m not all about the green
I do this to inspire
To get higher
To rise
To live out my dreams
As crazy as it may seem
I’m here to complete the dream
And reign supreme
Just to be on the main screen
I am a New Breed

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