Never Change

I had to lose it all to realize I can’t live without it. That’s when I knew this dream was worth chasing. Those lines mean so much. To some, my struggles with recreating my dream album are nothing, but to me it feels like everything is gone. For the last year and a half, I wrote an album that I couldn’t release because of legal troubles. So that moment took me down hard. Just not being able to release what felt like my best work that I ever wrote hurt my heart. For a couple of months, I felt like why am I alive? That’s when I realized I couldn’t live without this gift. This Poetic Gift. Never Change was just the first single from it. That was the motto for this entire project. Never Change, highlight why I would never stop chasing this dream. Through depression, through the doubts, I will never change. I list this single from Poetic Gift. This Single is also on all streaming platforms.

Never Change:

I swear I will never change
This Spoken word gave me a voice that I never had
I use to always show actions but couldn’t speak like a mime
Until I picked myself back up and took my time
Fuck waiting on the sideline
People always tell you to wait for your time
When they don’t want to see you shine,
Used to give these haters all my time
And all they did was sell me their dreams
I’m going to let you know now I don’t give a fuck about your dreams
I’m chasing my dreams
Fuck your schemes,
Yes, I’m a junior but I refuse to be like senior
Spent so much time trying to please everyone and ended up losing myself
I swear that shit was bad for my health
Depression had me on lock for so long, I thought she was my girlfriend
Didn’t need her name tatted on me to know it was real
Because everyday she made me cop a feel
They say men not supposed to be emotional but fuck it, I’m only human I’m not made of steel
If I could prevent depression, I just hope this will
Because I swear that shit kills
I’m just trying to say don’t change for anybody
And that’s real

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