Keep Pushing (Spoken Word)


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Keep Pushing-
No matter if it’s those final minutes on the clock
And your team down, push the rock
Ball till the time is out
No time to sit around and pout
All the time you take just to pout
You could be winning the game
Don’t just sit around feeling ashamed
No, take over the game
For anyone who is scared to try because of old pain
Let it go
No time to let that stop your flow
Every day is your time to glow
Don’t depend on anyone go solo
Don’t wait for tomorrow
Cause tomorrow’s not promised
Just to be honest
So for right now push to you can’t score no more
Show no remorse
Show the world what you rehearsed
For every athlete out there show the opponents your force
Just remember what comes first
You come first
No one else, cause most times not even family is there at your worst
Go out and show the world what you deserve
No title, or prize is just waiting for you like it’s reserved
If you want it you got to go out and get it
If you a rapper you got to make them big hits
If you a boxer then you got to land some big hits
If you play football, then you got to run that blitz
No matter what, don’t quit
The world is not fixed
If you want it you have to do it yourself
Practice, until you get it right
Work until you can shine bright
It’s your time to strike
Just keep pushing
Push it like salt n Peppa
When trying to make it, there’s no such thing as extra
Go out and earn your stripes like a referee
Because nothing out here is free
I just want to make you oversee
That if you want it you got to work for it
Work till it hurt
Stay alert
Cause haters surround you
Stay stuck to your dreams like your glued to it
If you want it you got to be committed
Don’t worry about society stay committed
Let all the haters know that they got the game twisted
Be addicted to your dreams
If no ones going to do it
Do it yourself
You don’t need help
Most importantly love yourself
With whatever you do love yourself
Believe in yourself
And you can go far
Let the haters starve
Just keep pushing

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