Dark Room (Spoken Word)


I created this one day while in a dark room. It’s kind of self-explanatory really. I was just venting to myself while filled with a lot of emotions and came up with this piece. Hope you enjoy, leave comments below.


Dark Room:
Dark Room, Dark room
You the only one that know me like T.O.B
Oh wait was that suppose to go there that’s just the DMV in me
I am cornered by the things I can not see
Like why couldn’t people let me be
But that’s not what I’m suppose to say
I’m supposed to bow my head and pray
Switch my sentence and say
Everything was all my fault then say it’s all okay
But I’m tired of the weak play
I sit in a dark room every day
Just wishing for a new day
Or a new place
Where I can change my face
Although I never caught a case
I feel like I killed myself
Covered in filth
I feel small inside like cells
I want to have my revenge and raise hell
But on who because I failed
The people around just made me feel worse
This stuff really hurts
Always bring the waterworks
Dark Room Dark Room
Thank you for letting me roam
Would my life be different if I wouldn’t have stood still like a cone
On the outside you see stone
On the inside I’m all alone
See the people I had to fit in with abandoned me like the media did Raven Symone
Made into a clone
Mind blown
I really feel like a clown
Mind going crazy starting to drown
I dug the hole now I got to get myself out
But I didn’t dig the hole someone else did
I remember days when my name was in their mouth like a cig
They all wanted to see me go big
But that’s when the bomb went tick tick
And I finally left them sick
Now I get torture
No more nurture
But wait not true
I get what I want
Any item
So I can’t fight em
But no help just doubt
More pouts
I just want clout
Just wondering where did I go wrong
Dark Room Dark room thanks for letting my pen roam

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