Book Cover (Spoken Word)

I often hear people say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in society, it seems as we do it so much we use to guessing who you are before you even speak.


Welcome to my blog. I wrote this spoken word two years ago to express my feelings towards different stereotypes and also the recent police shootings at the time. Hope you enjoy. Leave comments below if you like.
Book Cover:
They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover
But what have we been doing all this time
Take me for example
I’m 18 years old
And I never fold
I do as I’m told
But this world is still cold
I never ran around shooting stuff for fun
I never even held a gun
I’m practically a nun
I never held a joint
Are you getting my point
But in America I’m labeled as a thug
So I don’t get any love
No matter how much I push and shove
The title Thug is wearing me like a glove
I just try to wash it away with some dove
And give thanks to the man up above
But it’s hard to live like this
Some might like it
But I got to fight it
Not every black man or woman is a thug in real life
That’s only in movies
Life could be smooth like a smoothie
But everyone is so choosey
You have to choose what stereotypes to believe
Don’t let this come as a surprise like a gift on Christmas eve
The world is full of grieve
The prize is money or stats
Everyone wants to be the best
No matter what quest
To get ahead what do you do
Put people down
Now listen to the word around town
The black people are thugs now
No matter what I say you got to pick
Pick between the news and I
Which one is telling the lie
The cops say he had a gun
But the citizens never seen a gun
Everyone in the world soak up the news like a sponge
But it’s my job to plunge
Not every white person is racist
That’s just the latest
That’s not true in most cases
We believe these myths
And it makes life harder
And shorter
Because in most cases the book cover gets them killed
The cover is used as a shield
But the truth is never revealed
Because the book is never opened
Just judged from the outside
Then left alone
Book Cover

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